Sandra K. Rupp
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Sandra Rupp entered Kellogg/Northwestern when Business Week ranked it the #1 MBA Program. She also studied at Oxford and earned a BA with honors in History from Colgate University. Sandra received Media/Anchor Training from The New School. More recently she was an Advisor to The Conference Board's 2013 Women's Leadership Conference. In 2010 Fast Company magazine ranked her among the top third Influencers online. In 2012 her Davos Question to World Leaders was #1 in WEF YouTube Votes. Sandra has had Top Videos since 2011 for #Davos and #CannesLions. In 2014 Sandra entered the CANNES CHIMERA challenge via GATES FOUNDATION to help eliminate poverty off the planet. She is now working on THE DAVOS CEO PLEDGE, and in 2019 is launching an Interview Show in the #1 Happiest, Healthiest City in the USA (seeking Sponsors & donations at STAY TUNED For more information, email

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